Meet the Team
Boris Korsunsky, co-founder
Early-stage startup Engineering is my jam. Joined Lyft as the Tech-lead + VP of Engineering (employee #17), Led growth and product-focused engineering teams and projects over an 8-year tenure. After a lower-back injury, I discovered the body-awareness space and learned to address my stress and pain through these powerful methods.  
Robyn Scherr, co-founder
I help people understand and feel more comfortable in their bodies. A health educator and bodywork practitioner for more than two decades, I provide resources people can use immediately to calm the nervous system and soften the effects of stress, injury, and trauma.

My approach is informed by current neuroscience and a deep respect for each person's unique lived experience, including the stressors society and culture place upon us.

I've lectured and published extensively on skillful touch and therapeutic attunement, am a certified massage therapist, diplomate-certified in CranioSacral Therapy, and a master practitioner of the Healing From the Core ® body-awareness method.
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