Get out of your head
...and into your body
Uncover the hidden ways stress shows up for you. Learn simple and effective techniques to work with your body so you can reduce unnecessary tension and upset.

Increase your capacity for wellbeing and joy—and lower stress and pain—through your body’s unique sensations.
Get Tuned In
The Get Tuned In app hones your ability to read your body's internal sensors—rather than your Apple watch—to help you improve your health, performance, and relationships.

Get Tuned In helps you settle beneath the repetitive activity of your thoughts and the turbulence of your emotions to recognize and respond to the unique signals of your nervous system. Because stressful thoughts, persistent pain and challenging emotions don't start in your mind. They start in your sensory nervous system.

When you know what your body's really saying, you become better regulated and more engaged, so you can make the changes that let you live most fully.

If you have a comfortable connection with your inner sensations —if you can trust them to give you accurate information— you will feel in charge of your body, your feelings, and yourself.
— Bessel van der Kolk MD, from The Body Keeps the Score
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